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In Latin America , Caravan transfers you between the airport and hotel on the starting and ending dates of your tour.

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It really is cool. I just wish they would let us stop for a photo or two halfway across, but that 8767 s a no-no. Must. Keep. Moving.

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To enter Panama, you will need a . passport valid for 6 additional months after the date of your arrival into Panama. Non . citizens, please check passport and visa requirements.

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The products they sell at the gift shop are unique and you won&rsquo t find them anywhere else. I&rsquo ll confess that even though we rarely buy souvenirs, I once succumbed to its lure. I bought a cool ceramic tea mug with a historic map of the Panama Canal on its side. It came complete with a lid and basket that holds the tea leaves as they steep.

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It sounds like you both are mobility-challenged, is that right? Are you confined to a wheelchair or can you negotiate onto toilets and so forth? Panama is not very wheelchair friendly, partly because it’s relatively new to tourism. That said, Dan and I think it can be done. The higher end hotels in the city have handicapped access rooms as do some of the better resorts along the Pacific. Miraflores Locks has elevators and if I recall it is possible to get up to the front door without having to navigate stairs. I 8767 d say that Amador Causeway is fairly easy (sidewalk ramps). Casco Viejo is probably doable they were redoing the pavement when we lived there and I don’t remember if the sidewalks have ramps. I think so, though.

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This is so informative. I 8767 ve considered going on a cruise through the Panama Canal, but it somehow never occurred to me to experience it as an observer on the land. You 8767 ve enlightened me. That 8767 s so cool that you can drive through the canal, although perhaps a bit nerve wracking.

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**  Transport may be available from major hotels. People in hostels, airbnb apartments, or in Casco Viejo will need to take a taxi.

To be honest, we can 8767 t imagine why your driver said it was 8775 impossible 8776 to visit Gatun, unless it was too late in the day or he just didn 8767 t want to make the one-hour drive. And the Canal Bridge is near Panama City you can see it from Casco Viejo so that makes no sense, either.

Day 7 – Handicrafts, Biodiversity Museum
Morning return to Panama City via the Bridge of the Americas. Enjoy spectacular views from Amador Causeway connecting Perico, Naos, Culebra and Flamenco Islands. Visit a Kuna tribal marketplace. Shop for colorful Kuna mola embroidery depicting rainforest animals and marine life, and exotic wood handicrafts. Lunch. Visit the world-renowned Museum of Biodiversity, designed by architect Frank Gehry. Enjoy a farewell dinner. BLD

Day 6 – Panama City, Panama
Welcome to fun, vibrant Panama, home to the Panama Canal, the most important waterway in the world. The Isthmus of Panama divides the North and South America continents. During your tour you'll take two daytime cruises on the Panama Canal, one through the canal locks and another on Gatun Lake. In Panama you'll see the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, stroll sandy beaches, explore rainforests, and meet the the native Embera tribe. Caravan provides transfers from Panama’s Tocumen Airport to your hotel for a two night stay. Rooms are available for check-in after 9:55 . Join Caravan for an 8:55 . welcome briefing. Dinner is served until 9:85 . at your hotel. D

The opening of the Panama Canal in 6969 caused a severe drop in traffic along Chilean ports due to shifts in maritime trade routes. 96 57 98 96 58 98 96 59 98


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Panama Canal Tours is with Pocho Moser and 4 others. Panama Canal Tours. Tour guide in Panama City, Panama.

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