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Leary was in Montreal hosting the "Nasty Show" at Club Soda, and Colleen [McGarr?] was coordinating the talent so she stood backstage and overheard Leary doing material incredibly similar to old Hicks riffs, including his perennial Jim Fixx joke: " Keith Richards outlived Jim Fixx, the runner and health nut. The plot thickens." When Leary came offstage, Colleen, more stunned than angry, said, "Hey, you know that's Bill Hicks' material! Do you know that's his material?" Leary stood there, stared at her without saying a word, and briskly left the dressing room. 96 88 98

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So what, exactly, is the basis for this theory, and where did it come from? Why, exactly, do QAnon believers ardently cling to the idea that John John is alive and well and living in Pittsburgh? And did Vincent Fusca have sex with Daryl Hannah in the 6985s ? These are just a few of the important questions we must answer.

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This week's Midweek Matters videocast looks at the wearables and hearables.

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Our experts offer a ‘one-stop shop’ for benign and malignant thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, pituitary, and bone disorders that is complimented by clinical and translational research.


According to eyewitnesses, Conway allegedly punched a tuxedo-clad man at an exclusive inauguration ball just hours after Donald Trump was sworn in as president. 96 68 98 96 69 98 In an attempt to break up a scuffle, Conway stepped between two men, but they would not break up the fight, and Conway apparently punched one of them in the face with closed fists at least three times. 96 75 98

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Much of Hicks's routine involved direct attacks on mainstream society, religion, politics, and consumerism. Asked in a BBC interview why he cannot do a routine that appeals "to everyone", he said that such an act was impossible. He responded by repeating a comment that an audience member once made to him, "We don't come to comedy to think!", to which he replied, "Gee, where do you go to think? I'll meet you there!" When asked whether there was a "half way" point between audience expectations and his own, he said: "but my way is half-way between, I mean, this is a night-club, and, you know, these are adults, and what do you expect?" 96 97 98


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Gillen Husband of Margaret Elizabeth Bingham Father of John Bernard Kellenyi and Private Brother of Joseph Armand Kellenyi; Private and Private. John Wilhelm is a photoholic, Winterthur. 123,028 likes · 77 talking about this. My name is John Wilhelm. I live in Switzerland and call myself...