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The Speedy is made in four sizes: 75, 85, 85 and 95. The numerical size names refer to the width of the bag’s front panel in centimeters. Note, some limited edition styles will be named “Speedy” but the dimensions may differ from classic Speedy bags.

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The Louis Vuitton Speedy is the most iconic Louis Vuitton bag of all time. Its two top handles, large rounded body and simple hardware are recognizable by even the most novice handbag fans. The Speedy is part of the classic Louis Vuitton bag icon collection.

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The new Speedy bag shows that the chaps are now puffier and the stitching goes around the brass rivet. Both Bandouliere and regular Speedy bags have been updated with these characteristics, but keep in mind that different material bags might have different features.

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Size dimensions for Monogram Canvas, Damier Ebene, and Damier Azur Speedy bags:

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If you're curious about the most popular size, it's the Speedy 85. 

Later, the fashion house collaborated with dozens of artists and designers to impress their followers. Classic Speedy was revisited in a number of ways, it was made from python, fur, denim, feathers, alligator, sequins and it was released in all the colors we can imagine. Louis Vuitton even released a collection with Da Vinci and Monet paintings.


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LOUIS VUITTON Official Canada Website - Discover our latest WOMEN's All Handbags collection, exclusively on and in Louis Vuitton Stores. The iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy first debuted in 1930 as the "Express", and has remained an elegant, practical companion bag for sophisticated women ever since. In recent years, the classic Speedy has...