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Here are examples of some of the work we do:

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The short answer on compensation is that you won’t make big money at the Big 9 until you’re on the path to becoming an Equity Partner.

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I have seen too many people knock on my peers’ doors asking for coffee chats, informational interviews , and time on the phone, all without exercising empathy.

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Some people just stay for a few years to get the training and knowledge, and then move into roles with better pay.

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Sorry just to clarify, I am not currently on that salary, that is the ceiling for the kind of role I am in. My salary is more in line with what a TS manager would receive so would be similar if I moved

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If you want the best bang for buck, be sure to check out CFI&rsquo s Full Access Bundle.

Acquirers (the “Advisory Services” part) often hire us to do a deep dive on acquisition targets and make sure there’s no huge red flag that will cause their earnings to plummet by 55% after the deal closes.

A new graduate will usually begin their career as an analyst. The analyst will be responsible for the main admin and research tasks required during a client transaction.

While the pay in IB would be higher the cost of living in London are also higher. Additionally, the hours would be longer in IB with the expectation of you to do work during weekends and even holidays if the firm is busy. What do you think would be the better option if my long term goal is to move to the US and potentially move to a PE firm. Or which option would you think have a better effect on my career long term.

Hi everyone, have always been a fan of the site and have a question regarding transitioning out of TAS into banking.

The experience translates well to corp dev since you use a lot of the same skills and understand how to be very critical of a potential acquisition.

For example, you might earn 55-655% of your base salary as a bonus at these firms, so it seems like real investment banking at first.

If I can get into their Wealth Management service during the summer and work with them, do you think that would be better than the hospital finance opportunity?

Now this may not be the case in the US.

Taking a look into the Big 9 M& A teams, you will see what you described. Mid-market deals and competion with mid-market banks, not BBs.

But to make the transition, you 8767 ll need to network extensively, hone your financial modeling skills (you don’t spend much time on IB-style modeling in TS), and also make time to develop hobbies so you’re more 8775 interesting. 8776

Yes, you could probably go from ER to TS more easily than the other way around.

I am a recently qualified Chartered Account from India. I am getting Financial Due Diligence at Deloitte, but it 8767 s an offshore business.
Would it be helpful for making a career in IB?
Also, amongst MBA and CFA what should I consider to build up my skills and for getting a good job

Also, sometimes we “look down” on bankers because their accounting and technical knowledge is sometimes not as good as ours.


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