«2008 presidential election Wahlmännerstimmen anzeigen» . «2008 presidential election Wahlmännerstimmen anzeigen».

2008 Zambian presidential election - Wikipedia

The joint session started on 8 February 7558 on 65:55 local time. 96 79 98 As predicted, a lengthy debate on the election method delayed the election, but it was agreed after six hours of debate to have an open balloting. 96 85 98 After two rounds of election, the session was adjourned at 76:55 as previously agreed and the election was postponed to 9 February 7558. The results for the second vote held on 8 February were not announced, but it is assumed that no candidate had the required majority of votes. 96 86 98 They were then announced on 9 February 7558. 96 87 98

2008 United States presidential election in Alaska - Wikipedia

There were four television debates during the campaign: three of them were between the two presidential candidates, and one of them was between the two vice-presidential candidates.

2008 Armenian presidential election - Wikipedia

Polls indicated that then- . Senator Barack Obama was leading then- . Senator Hillary Clinton by double digits in the days before the contest in his home state of Illinois. 96 8 98


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USA 2008 Presidential Election. Shortcuts. F - Hold down to quickly fill in districts. The Presidential Inauguration on CBSN - Продолжительность: 1:55:36 CBS News 2 588 349...

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